Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Poetry Part Two

Trying to get the creative juices flowing during this cold start to winter, so I thought I'd try my hand at some more poetry.

Adulthood Angst
Money to be saved
Bills to be paid
Children to be raised
And weekends to be praised
All things that are meant to be a phase.
Instead you’re left in a daze
As you change from a care-free teen
To just another adult trapped in the maze

Winter Ways
Alarm booms blare into half-asleep ears
Eyes crack open unwillingly as dreams and reality briefly intermingle
The cold air wraps around bare ears, while legs lie smugly under blankets
A reluctant acceptance is made and feet thud begrudgingly against a frozen floor
Cold clothes are dragged on and bags grabbed to head out into the wide world
Where the fog in your mind is matched by the fog on the ground

Running Ruminations
Puffed cheeks push out hot air into the crisp night
Knees creak against the patter of shoe on concrete until the soft, squelchy relief of grass
Warm, golden light flows out of homely houses
Harrowing hills test the runner’s resolve to remain rapid
Pace picks up until the final leaf is crunched and the runner’s body reaches rest

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